Текст песни Yaki-Da - Mejor Manana

Жанр: Eurohouse
Исполнитель: Yaki-Da
Альбом: Pride
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 4688
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Загрузил: dirtylord


Oye, mañana mejor mañana Oye Mañana Gonna get a place in the sun Mejor Mañana Gonna get it right and move on You worry in the morning 'Bout your job and 'bout the future You ain't got a lot of money And you feel like breaking up So welcome to the big club We're a whole new generation Our motto is Join the party have some fun Oye, Mañana... [ From: ] So many people talking Listen up to what they're saying Don't go looking for the answer You won't find it anyway The trouble you've been making There's a whole new situation 'Cause our motto is Join the party have some fun Oye, mañana... Imagine tomorrow See the dawn The shadows are falling One by one It's a new day Oye, Mañana...
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