Текст песни The Game - Gangsta

Red Devil
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Game
Альбом: Red Devil
Длительность: 03:50
Рейтинг: 399
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: StiXX


back up in this bitch with a dub on my hat. you got a top model bitch i got tyra on my lap cause im a nympho baby i gotta have sex like eric banay halle bery go away , when im on my shit man im on my shit man chronic got me feelin' good enough to shake 50 cents hand , walk in da club shinin like my diamond chain and my diamonds like the diamonds in da diamond lane , i be iced out crazy rocks like jay z chronic got me hazy im weeezy baby , so touch me teaze me baby thats the last of that patron go eazy baby , if the bar tender cute and she drinkin wid you you should tip her, you should tip her , if she gave a phone numba and a girl do to you should flip her. You should flip her Akon in da club got em off that Hennessy big game in da club and its finna be a gangsta party, it aint nuthin but a gangsta party we got girls in da back G's in da front the bar got da blunts but we out of patronn wats goinn onn.. convict akon one by one every hood ghetto block this the anthem east west north south to the slums if you know what struggle feels like then bust ya guns (x2) The goose is loose imma about to get this bitch poppin'.. True killer.. OJ off vodka.. that's murder. OJ with no cochran. Built a foot locker in my house cause I don't go shopping. I got a 4.5 that's an escrow. And when it sell I'm getting every dollar like ?prevlow?. Phantom in the garage I don't drive I let the dust grow. Flip mode rampage spliff star bust no??? Me and akon tear this bitch up yo. Niggas get tossed off the stage this ain't a stunt so back the fuck up I ain't no joke muthafucker and this party ain't no flava flav roast muthafucker. Make a toast muthafucker to them all white air force 1s you too close muthafucker..... For me to do my 2 step it's gonna pull ur fitted cap down and do the loose neck. Chorus Akon: Ehh! That's what I rep till I die got that tooly on deck and I'm sure you know why.. Cause dem gorillas will try. Pray to god they dont step cause these things will fly. Tryin not to bother nobody. But these Niggas ain't making it easy for me daddy. Then they wonder why I keep the ??kneematic??.the safety pops hoping I won't have to squeeze at it Hook (x2)
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