Текст песни Bad Summer - Pink Planet

Back To Seventeen
Жанр: Pop-Punk / Punk / Punk-Rock
Исполнитель: Bad Summer
Альбом: Back To Seventeen
Длительность: 02:26
Рейтинг: 354
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Загрузил: badsummer


[Verse 1] People ask me about a Pink Planet But all I know is that it shines above us My dreams are running through my head And every night I take a space pink tour bus And I don’t want to wait for tomorrow And I don’t want to waste my time If you feel like you’re down in your sorrow Take my hand and I let you walk on by [Chorus] We are going to the Pink Planet, you can’t stop us There’s a Pink Planet, you’ve always wanted that Pink Planet in the Universe I bet I will get there first [Verse 2] And I’ve never had a place like this Where I can feel a lot of taste of living Girls are asking for another kiss And I’m looking for another beer And I don’t want to be your illusion I just want to be someone near Stars are falling to make a conclusion That you’ve always been everything I need [Chorus]
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