Текст песни Lil Wayne - Party Like A Rock Star (Remix) (feat. Jim Jones, Chamillionaire)

Still Birdman Jr
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Lil Wayne
Альбом: Still Birdman Jr
Длительность: 02:40
Рейтинг: 355
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Загрузил: method_85


[Intro] Yeah (Remix baby) [x4] T-t-t-totally dude [Fat] Hey, this the remix And I'm the prefix You know (uh-huh) This rock-n-roll street shit Hand me the mic Sheed got the bass Meany got the guitar (guitar riff) Now I got mo' dough I ain't heard no mo' With all the loop we get (uh-huh) We could pull a no-show Got diamond wallet chain Diamond watch, neck, and ring I need a monument with diamonds in my name [Hook] Party like a rock, party like a rockstar (remix baby) [x4] T-t-t-totally Dude [Lil Wayne] We are not the same, I am a Martian It's young Weezy F. Baby, no abortion I have foursomes And I don't have to force 'em They just do what I say, jack/Sajak Like Wheel of Fortune I'm heartless and iced out, see I got an icebox where my heart used to be Young Money baby, you know who we are And I can play with that pussy, like I play that guitar [Hook] [Meany] I am a Shop Boy Something like a rockstar I make 'em party hard Now they using guitars The bass rock drum Make the crowd act a fool I got them gangstas, hood stars, pop stars screamin' (Totally dude) Make clubs rock-rock They know that I rock I ride in fast cars And plus my chick's hot Diamonds in my store They know that I'm the hardest Black shades around my face, lookin' rockstar-ish [Hook] [Jim Jones] Now who started this? Your boy Jim Jones on that rockstar shit (say what?) And who car is this? 300 grand for that drop top, bitch (ballin') A young Tommy Lee (who's that?) Big house on Connie V's (okay) Get two broads, a dime a piece Them white girls sniff a line apiece Do it like Ozzy Blue Mazi On Patron like I was on kamikazes (go crazy) Keep a whip and a biscuit Rockstar eatin' kizzle and biscuit (and what) Keep the waves swim New pair of kicks So you can "Walk This Way" like Aerosmith And you can Run DMC in a flair eclipse [Hook] [Sheed] Yeah we the Shop Boyz Nobody could've did it better We on fire The black Red Hot Chili Peppers My rock swag You can tell and see from a distance Keep a chick with a Mohawk They're way thicker than Delicious She stay head-hearted When I speak, she don't talk It ain't the braids that got the A rockin' Mohawks (come on) Chamillinaire, Wayne, Jim, yeah we rock hard This is the remix so party like a rockstar [Hook] [Chamillionaire] First they rockin' and then they lean So we plottin' to get my bling But you know that metal rocket always pocketed in my jeans Heavy metal Jewelry yellow I'm obscene Plus I'm ghetto Have your queen in stilettos Pulling strings like Geppetto All I know is Fetty Tell me what you mean Call me the Grinch, Shrek (yes) All I like is green I am Bruce Bling-steen Step in the club then I grab her If I want her I can have her Mick Jagger with my swagger [Bridge] Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Need another couple names Shop Boyz, Lil Wayne (Jones) and Cha-military man (yeah) Come do the show if I get the call Tear up the club just to piss you off Get on the bus and go hit the mall And buy an earring the size of a crystal ball [Hook]
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