Текст песни Nile - Ruins

In Their Darkened Shrines
Жанр: Brutal Death / Technical Death
Исполнитель: Nile
Альбом: In Their Darkened Shrines
Длительность: 06:02
Рейтинг: 633
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Загрузил: Lozarg


[ Part I - Hall Of Saurian Entombment ] Through Subterranean Labyrinths of Catacombs We Hath Crawled To Gather in this Dimly Lit Hall Of Colossal Proportion Which Few Ever See Along Black Walls Rise Tier after Tier of Carven Painted Sacrophagi Each Standing in a Niche in the Stone The Mounted Tiers Rising Up To Be Lost in the Gloom Above Thousands of Carven Masks Stare Down Upon Us We Who are Rendered Futile and Insignificant By This Vast Array of the Dead [ Part II - Invocation To Seditious Heresy ] And Here I Stand I who would be master of the Black Earth Have summoned you here secretly You who are faithful to me To share in the Black Kingdom that shall nr Tonight we shall witness The breaking of the chains which Enslave us And the birth of a Dark Empire Who am I to know what powers lurk and and Dream in these murky Tombs They hold secrets forgotten for three thousand years But I shall Learn They shall teach me See how they sleep staring through their Carven Masks Priests Monks Acolytes Kheri Heb Rekbi Khet The Mummified Remains of the Sacrificial Whores of The Cannibalistic Serpent Cult s of Thirty Centuries With Black Incantation and Foul Necromantic Art Propitiated with the Blood of the Living We will waken them from their long Slumber The Ancients knew Nay Commanded the Words of Power And shall teach them to Me I shall restore them to Life To Labour for my own Dark Imperial Desires I will Waken Them Will Rouse Them Will learn their forgotten Wisdom The knowledge locked in those withered Skulls By the Lore of The Dead We shall Enslave the Living Pharaohs and Priests long Forgotten Shall be our Warriors and Slaves Who will Dare to Oppose Us Out of the Dust shall Avaris Rise [ Part III - Destruction Of The Temple Of The Enemies Of Ra ] Foul Enemies of Ra who have Rebelled Malicious Fiends Spawn of Inertness Impotent Rebels Nameless Filth For whom Blazing Pits of Fire have been prepared By the Command of Ra Down Upon your Faces You are overthrown Your Skulls are Crushed in You are Destroyed Annihilated Gashed with Flints Your Windpipes Cut The Joints of your Backs are Rent Apart The Fire of the Eye of Horus is Upon You Searching You Consuming You Setting you on Fire Burning you To Ashes Unemi The Devouring Flame Consumes You Sekhmet The Blasting Immolation of the Desert Maketh an End of You Xul ur Adjugeth you to Destruction Flame Fire Conflagration Pulverize You Your Souls Shades Bodies and Lives Shall Never Rise Up Again Your Heads Shall Never Rejoin your Bodies Even The Words of Power Of The God Thoth The Lord of Spells Shall Never Enable you to Rise Again [ Part IV - Ruins ] I knew they were Accursed so remote were these nameless desert ruins Crumbling and inarticulate the debris of its collapsed walls was Nearly hidden by the sands of the uncounted ages It must have been thus before the first stones of Memphis were laid And the bricks of Babylon unbaked Fear spoke from the age worn stones This desolate survivor of the Deluge This crumbling antidiluvial ancestor Of the Eldest Pyramid Only the grim brooding desert Gods Knew what really took place here What indescribable struggles and bloodshed Awoke some distant throng of condemned spirits And broke the tomblike silence of these crumbled Time ravaged remains these night black ruins Of some vanguished and buried Temple of Belial But as the Night wind diad away Above the desert rim rose the Blazing edge of the morning sun Which in my fevered state I swore that from some remote depth there came a Great crash of metal Like a great Bronze gate Clanging shut whose reverberations swelled out To hail the rising Sun as Memnon hails in From the banks of the Nile
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