Текст песни Rich Boy - Drop

X-Mix Radioactive Urban January
Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Rich Boy
Альбом: X-Mix Radioactive Urban January
Длительность: 03:42
Рейтинг: 433
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Juced


Drop Lyrics 1st Verse [Rich Boy] Ya, ay, ya, my maserati & ferrari like to chill wit my mercedez see my bentley, what i got when my 2 phantoms had a baby aint that crazy? why you lazy? I get sulfur like a daisy. fuck you pussy nigga pay me, my lambo do 'bout 280 thought you selling, heard u telling. thought you killing, why you stealing? thought you dealing, why you chilling? you aint ballin', where the million? god made me super rich, the devil made you stupid bitch you can be just like me if you quit wit all that stupid shit why you acting hard now? you must want go see god now the same niggas you was beefin wit up in ya yard now if you bout to run dawg i guess you better start now forgot to bring yo guns so you gotta use ya heart now its hard to get rich but it aint shit to go to hell its hard to sell dope but it aint shit to go to jail its hard to keep it real but there aint shit for you to tell i smoke so much of this that i can't even hide the smell. Now Drop, Drop, Drop, Drop (Bridge)[Polow Da Don] NEW RICH BOY! lets go, they call me.. a bad muthafucka Polow da Don!! oh they call me that too haha.......... Verse 2[Rich Boy] We Marijuana farmers, all our rides like Transformers Tell em pretty girls to pull their titties out to dance for us you dont need a gym class, crack like slim fast take a hit and lose a fuckin hundred pounds quick fast snow cone wit chain on, im deep of wit chain off im blunt gonna kick the game off, we neva take the game off find a hater, sign a hater let em see my elevator, hundreds in my frigerator now they know we gettin paper. find a hater, sign a hater let em see my elevator, hundreds in my frigerator now they know we gettin paper. bulletproof to escalade the enemies dont resperate see the million dollar generator? now the fans investigators. from flashy cars to prison bars Baluchistan to playing cards i swear its hard now DR?1?P. [Polow Da Don] haha, Yall cant fuck with us man. keep on haiting nigga we told ya niggas when yall let him in the game.. its gonna be over. now all yall niggas chasing my ass, all yall niggas trying to catch up. anyway lets go, whats dat mixtape? .... New Rich Boy, this that exclusive. its called drop. Rich Boy' new album the hardest shit the hardest shit.. coming out in '09 im telling ya right now. all yall niggas betta get yall lil songs out ya better... do it while ya can get it over with it ohh by the way the new albums called 5 million ohh shit.. thats the new album haha, its too muthafucking easy man. Zone 4, Polow Da Don, Rich Boy lets go, Kobe! Karaoke coming soon EXCULIVE..............
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