Текст песни Dom Kennedy - Lets Be Friends

Get Home Safely
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Dom Kennedy
Альбом: Get Home Safely
Длительность: 03:36
Рейтинг: 277
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


This what I'm 'pose to say, forgot what I meant I'ma buy me a house, so tired of rent This what I'm 'pose to say: I'm finna be rich 'Bout to buy me a Porsche, hope it come with a bitch They know me up in Saks Fifth, they know me out on the Ave This nigga told me that his baby mom in love with me bad I play that Bobby Brown, LL, Color Me Badd Man, these little niggas pulled a gun on me, damn Took my cousin phone, turned off and he ran A few seconds later I heard "Bam! Bam!" Shit like that is the norm where I'm at Niggas ain't got a chance when they born where I'm at A whole lot of weed is getting torn where I'm at I talk about hoes cause they be on us like that Nigga, I say I talk about hoes cause they be on us like that You say it: We talk about hoes cause they be... [Verse 2: Dom] This what I'm 'pose to say, I'm building my brand I didn’t really fuck up, it was part of the plan This what I'm pose to say: the game finna switch I'm taking yo spot, it come with yo bitch I really wish we could have sex again Three words I really hate ladies, let's be friends I really wanna to talk to yo sexy friends Shit, you and Halle Berry girl, y'all must be twins You won't see this on ESPN But this shit is finna jam all across the land I made it out the jungle, now im up in Japan Damn these little niggas can't fuck with my band Fuck sardines, I ain't touchin' that can Money feel good when it's up in my hand Sharing with the fam, shit I stuck to the plan I fuck with you nigga, but what's up with your man? Make it to the top? Yes we can And we can start over girl let's be friends I told my little boy I try my best for him And the world is now yours son let's begin The world is now yours son let's begin The world is now yours son let's begin Said the world is now yours son let's begin Other People Money ho let's be friends Westside OPM, tell em let's be friends Live from South Central gettin' it in... tell em let's be friends Who got some weed, who got some Hen, let's be friends We back again, back again, back again, let's be friends (9x
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