Текст песни Tha Dogg Pound - What Would You Do

Grand Theft Auto V: West Coast Classics - OST
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Tha Dogg Pound
Альбом: Grand Theft Auto V: West Coast Classics - OST
Длительность: 04:12
Рейтинг: 3388
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Загрузил: Stanny


Intro: Yeahhh, back up in yo ass with a twenty sack Don't wanna fuck with me (Dogg Pound Gangstaz) We do it like that Motherfuckers out there be like, takin our styles Be trying to do they own little dissing but they can't do it, you know So we gonna, do it like this Sit back relax and get a cool one Verse One: Kurupt, Daz Have you ever heard of a slughter, I oughta start dippin Sippin on that S-T get's me to trippin I don't slips I bangs with that mad ass Dogg Pound Gang it's a DPG thang Kurupt from the S.C You wanna test me let's see if you'll survive .45 times Like a hollow point headed for your dome Take a couple of steps, turn around and it's on Couldn't withstand the murderous mental I subdue, and then take two to your temple when I cause holocoust from what's spittin Niggaz collapse and when the straps is clickin Look, this is how it's done nigga (one two three) I grab my strap you best run nigga I gives a fuck, Kurupt's the kingpin of the click Littlest G, with the biggest dick Shit, a motherfucker betta recognize With a twist of my wrist like O.J. you all die I snack on motherfuckers like a bone Known to be the shit upon the microphone ever since I was bown Not to ever love a bitch Learned game after game, that's why we are the best Motherfuckers be gankin styles minute after minute But soon as you did it I smelled the niggaz shitted Chorus: repeat 2X Now what would you do? If you could fuck with me and my crew But you can't so don't even think about steppin in the motherfuckin house Verse Two: Daz, Kurupt Bitches butterfly all day, while I steady make my pay Every single day in the LBC Cruisin through the Eastside, me and Lil' Style When I back up a green six-fo' bustin free styles There's no escape, give me the papes and the tape case How much money can a nigga make in one place? The review, ain't shit new You stupid motherfuckers can't fuck wit my crew I see all these niggaz tryin to get with my kin folk Get so many busters on the West Coast And then to say the least I see a few trick ass niggaz layin low on the East Coast And the question is asked Do you wanna rap, scrap or blast to that nigga Daz I'll be the first one to him em Oh yeah, fuck B.G. Knocckout and every nigga down with him Cause I'm a Natural Born Killer And I steal a half, motherfucker cuz it's like that Chorus: 1/2 Verse Three: Kurupt, Daz There's so many motherfuckers that I can include Whose quick to blast motherfuckers in a feud It doesn't make a difference, cuz it's about who's the quickest on the draw to end all existence For instance, let's take these Ruthless fools These Ruthless fools and the Pound in one room Assume, it's only for conversation, so let's conversate slip a nigga the .38 then dip Empty out the clip Mind on stead-trip, cuz niggaz talk shit Now if, a nigga had a prayer before a nigga died Would the nigga be dead or would he stay alive? And if I was in your shoes, would I survive? Probably not, you'd probably let your glock go pop Now drop, to your knees And picture Dat Nigga Daz (flowin) flowin in the breeze Chorus Outro: From the twitch of the eyes You can see the line, just know it when you see it Cause it messes up the flow, to the real fillings y'know And I'd rather be sipping on a glass of wine Can you feel yourself in the room with Everlast Trying to steal a flow, I don't think so Cock-blockers come with their hearts beating jealousy In the way like a stray dog Trying to climb, every bitch on his arm Cock-blockers, come in every color Even blue, now this is true Trying to fuck your woman, and even you Now what the fuck would
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