Текст песни Breakdown Of Sanity - Scissorhands

Жанр: Metalcore
Исполнитель: Breakdown Of Sanity
Альбом: Perception
Длительность: 03:46
Рейтинг: 2704
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: iliya_vedun


I, I forget my own rules But I still know the end of the story What's happened to the world, what's happened to my life? There was a time I felt safe from the drossiness Safe from discomfort No enemies, no lies Where is my soul? Where are my ways, where is my heart? Over years it made me weak It made me weak (it made me unpredictable) Something came across my way It changed too many things inside me (inside me, inside) Inside me Over years it made me weak I saw your smile Everything around me seems to glow, but everything I touch goes out (goes out) I hold your hand, feel your breath, see your smile I took this gift from life Not knowing what awaits me Where is my soul? Where are my ways, where is my heart? Over years it made me weak, it made me weak Another step in an unknown direction How can I be sure, oh how can I be sure? Days go by, it seems to grow (it seems to grow) It feels still right where I am I can't see you anymore, feel you anymore These voices are pushing me They want me to fail (they want me to fail) I am falling Nothing to lose, nothing to win How could I be sure? Why so sure, why so sure?
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