Текст песни Jamiroquai - Soul Education

Жанр: Funk
Исполнитель: Jamiroquai
Альбом: Synkronized
Длительность: 04:16
Рейтинг: 1912
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: GaLLaRD0


I didn't have time for school Spent my days breaking the rules and regulations And inbetween they're having fun The teachers told me son, get me an education So I had my bout of freedom Dressed like a man through four seasons Hey I'm steppin out so cut me loose And as mama waved goodbye Tears were welling in her eyes She don't need them I turned to her and said I've got my soul education You know its stitched into the clothes That I wear Got my life information Upon the breeze that's blowing through my hair Got a pocket full of rainbows Oh and a sky to put them in so blue So let the music come and save you. I found a God that I can pray to Deep inside my soul, hey. See your mad you can't delude That there is no substitute For intuition, it's no superstition So if you find your petrified, To let some natural law apply Then there's a whole lot missing baby yeah. So you know i'm blessed celestially Got a direct link with destiny yeah Don't ask me why I'm in the sky And if there's green wax in your eye Somethings money just can't buy, hey Rags to riches, babes to bitches But the ride don't mind cause I got my... I Know I got my soul education...
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