Текст песни Imperative Reaction - Severed

Жанр: Industrial / EBM / Futurepop
Исполнитель: Imperative Reaction
Альбом: Ruined
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 480
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Загрузил: -DP-


You will give up You always do And time won't let you follow through Your weakness has shown And now you're everthing they've thrown at you You knew the tide was coming You cast yourself adrift You burned your empty words And fucked it up again Now the colors drain like blood Down the canvas you abandoned And shadows hide the words You replace with excuses But excuses lose their weight When you're forced into a corner And the one you once believed in Has left you there alone Now what can you show For all the dreams you trampled on Now how does it feel When everything you had is gone Now what can you say For the life you fought so hard to live Now how does it feel Now how does it feel How can you walk away when this was everything you wanted Now how can you say this was nothing that you needed How can you fall apart in a time that is so crucial Now how does it feel Now how does it feel You are too lost You'll always be Too caught up in your world to see Reality has spoken and you've turned the other way You'll always have a reason to deny what you've destroyed You burned your acid words And left it all behind Now the reasons fall like cinders from the fire you avoided And whispers shun the failures you tried so hard to hide But whispers lose their trust when you're lost and apathetic And the one you once believed in is a total fucking loss
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