Текст песни Europe - In The Future To Come

Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Europe
Альбом: Europe
Длительность: 05:01
Рейтинг: 8477
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Netan-X


So many years ago the people on this earth They were laughin' They didn't think of anything else Than love and peace But generations failed to see That they were causin' Trouble for the future They didn't know that one single war Would continue to increase But I'll be beside you Cause I want to hide you I'll cover my pain Or I'll go insane Oh Lord where will it end When tomorrow is done Oh Lord can we stop to pretend That we can survive in the future to come As long as you can see As long as you can feel There's no cause for alarm As long as you can touch As long as you can move It ain't too bad But one day or another This world would maybe Be destroyed forever A holocaust maybe be spread And drive us all mad
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