Текст песни Opeth - Reverie , Harlequin Forest

Ghost Reveries
Жанр: Progressive Death Metal
Исполнитель: Opeth
Альбом: Ghost Reveries
Длительность: 11:39
Рейтинг: 2115
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Загрузил: Allycen


Into the trees Past meadow grounds And further away from my home Baying behind me I hear the hounds Flock's chasing to find me alone A trail of sickness Leading to me If I am haunted Then you will see Searching the darkness And emptiness I'm hiding away from the sun Will never rest Will never be at ease All my matter's expired so I run There falls another Vapor hands released the blade Insane regrets at the drop Instruments of death before me Lose all to save a little At your peril it's justified And dismiss your demons As death becomes a jest You are the laughing stock Of the absinthe minded Confessions stuck in your mouth And long gone fevers reappear Nocturnally helpless And weak in the light Depending on a prayer Pacing deserted roads to find A seed of hope They are the trees Rotten pulp inside and never well Roots sucking, thieving from my source Tired boughs reaching for the light It is all false pretension Harlequin forest Awaiting redemption for a lifetime As they die alone With no one by their side Are they forgiven? Stark determination Poisoning the soul Unfettered beast inside Claiming sovereign control And now the woods are burning Tearing life crops asunder Useless blackened remains Still pyre smoldering
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