Текст песни In Fear And Faith - Your World On Fire

Your World On Fire
Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: In Fear And Faith
Альбом: Your World On Fire
Длительность: 03:44
Рейтинг: 806
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: MadMX


I need to see you step away from the edge. I've seen this coming and you're better off alone Why? Well it's safe to say, That you were the one without a plan. And you missed the point, You put the blood on my hands. Why aren't you trying to escape, From the fires that I have made? I won't be the one who kills you, Oh, you will find the murderer is. You built the walls that kept you alone, I torn them down just to watch you rebuild. You built this house to hide from everything you fear, I nearly showed you how to tear the building down. Why aren't you trying to escape, From the fires that I have made? This time will be a little different, This time I'll be the one that pulls you out. Because I can hear you scream, Far from the way. And you can be so much more than this. But the foundation is weak, And this time these walls will come down. Why don't you save all the trouble and pull yourself out, And take some gas and a match and burn it to the ground. Watch the flames throughout. Watch all your fears fall like ashes all around. Just don't forget that you're the one who brought it down. You did this on your own, All I did was show you how. With your head pounding harder than your heart, And you feel like you're stuck where you are. When your lungs fill with smoke, And you know that you're heading towards the dark. When it seems like this scene never ends, When at least you can do is pretend. That the life you've been living, Is leading you out of the dark. Why aren't you trying to escape, From the fires that I have made? (Now you can be free from everything) That you fear that torn you apart, And I can hear you scream from far away? (I can say that I brought you here) That I've done my day, So I can finally go to sleep. Now you can be free, From every fear that you have. So I can finally go to sleep.
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