Текст песни Derek Minor - We Are (Champions) (Feat. SPZRKT)

Жанр: Rap / Christian G-Funk
Исполнитель: Derek Minor
Альбом: Minorville
Длительность: 03:43
Рейтинг: 151
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Загрузил: method_85


[Hook: SPZRKT] Who are the fighters The conquerors, survivors? Who is victorious In the glorious King of Kings? You've gotta know we are We are, we are, we are We are, we are, we are Oooh Yeah! [Verse 1: Derek Minor] I dedicate this to everyone with 116 tatted on their arm If it ain't inked in your flesh I know it's stitched in your heart I see an army right in front of me Black, white and hispanic, imagine It's all happened from rapping Picture that! How God uses foolish things Like ex-weedheads and d-boys To speak on His behalf Can't tell me this ain't the Lord! We are firm because I see Satan on A mission for our soul But Christ told me eat I see food like Pappadeaux Crae' doing fine Tho' people hoping that he stumble' Hard to get kicked off a mountain When you fightin' to stay humble Trip plantin' churches T-Dot spittin' across the country KB going on missions, and Andy shapin' the culture Now, some might say I'm braggin, but I'm Just telling you what I see They won't say about themselves so let me speak! See, none of us is perfect and we know But the devil uses that to have us at each others throat So, for the people who disagree Or anyone we hurt Just know our passion's for the body It's the church! And tho' we all in different lanes The focus still the same Show the world there's freedom in Jesus name Yeah! [Hook] Who are the fighters The conquerors, survivors (Put up your lighters) Who is victorious In the glorious King of Kings? You've gotta know we are We are, we are, we are We are, we are, we are Wooooa, sing we are We are, we are, we are We are, we are, we are Yeah, get it right! [Verse 2: Derek Minor] Do me a favor Put your fist in the air So all our opposition Can know that we here You better look em' in the eye And tell em' come if you dare I'm chosen to suffer with Christ This the cross that I bear This ain't a rap thing I never met a fan at a show I have brothers and sisters All behind my back whenever I flow Don't want to rap no more I rather let they stories unfold If you don't mind I'll like to let you hear some things that they wrote See how Nathan had leukemia in 2004 Mike's motorcycle crashed and almost everything broke Brenda had addictions that she fought with her soul My prayers are the blood of Christ Keep making them whole So, for the girl who like to cut herself I'm hoping you know That God ain't forgot you Your pain's what he want Meaning your overcome is through Alpha, Omega And one day I know that this will be all behind us Trying already to get my crown ready Hope's the term regardless of what the world tell me If you believe I hope The Lord keep your faith steady I know my champions will rise even though the weight's heavy [Hook]
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