Текст песни Derek Minor - IGWT (Feat. Thi'sl)

Жанр: Rap / Christian G-Funk
Исполнитель: Derek Minor
Альбом: Minorville
Длительность: 03:45
Рейтинг: 708
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


[Verse 1: Derek Minor] Used to be off of them boats was Africans in ropes Now what get off of these boats is pounds of coke Or sex slaves … ain’t it sick? What you prefer? Take your pick High schools got armed guards ‘cause teenagers bear arms And they’ll crack your head and put that video on World Star That boy you callin’ a nerd got a bomb off in his backpack Plan to get revenge and leave a crater where his class at I saw the sickest thing when Channel 4 News was on A momma put a two-year-old inside a stove We look at third worlds and turn up our nose Got the nerve to tell God we got it on our own [Hook: Thi’sl] One nation under God That’s what we supposed to be, that’s why I’m praying hard In God We Trust I said In God We Trust In God We Trust I said In God We Trust [Verse 2: Derek Minor] Had a cold, so I went to Walgreens Entered the pharmacy and asked for codeine Told them I’m a rapper, they laughed and told me to leave I left with Vitamin C and an itchy throat for weeks We traded cocaine for mollies, heroin for sizzurp The devil eatin’ the hood, I think America’s for dessert The suburbs love rappers, just come to one of our shows You’ll see Tabitha and Matthew repeating all our flows While you think she tryna get that tat, but think you wearin’ a snapback ‘Cause culture don’t discriminate and you just thinkin’ it’s black rap The poor tryna survive, we forgot about the ghetto Now my hood is famous, and Satan is Geppetto [Hook] To the republic for which it stands Please take the government and put it in his hands In God We Trust I said In God We Trust In God We Trust I said In God We Trust [Verse 3: Derek Minor] To all the patriots who died in war bloody, every slave I lift this country to the Lord and in Jesus’ name I pray That the gospel rip our heart, and we turn from wicked ways I know you gave us this country and they takin’ it to date So listen to me, politician: I’m not talking superstition It’s the fight and the survival of a nation, and we gon’ need way more than religion In a tragedy we run to he who gives us hope and then we get up fixedly But I pray that we forever let America submit to the King so one day we’ll be … [Hook]
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