Текст песни Ugly Duckling - Sprint!

Moving At Breakneck Speed
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Ugly Duckling
Альбом: Moving At Breakneck Speed
Длительность: 04:46
Рейтинг: 356
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Загрузил: AndrewCG


They can run But they cannot hide Come on now (Go go go go go) They'll never get away Let's go! We need to dig deep to keep the beat moving We could be up at the peak of three losing Knowing that we'll melt and we're back in a cell? So we'll have to propel like a bat outta hell Got a ways to go, pick up the pace You can see the skin pulling off my face Legs are aching when I'm taking a bow But I won't stop feet don't fail me now I'm filling up my lung capacity To outrun anyone coming after me When I peek to the rear, if they're near, then I streak to the clear When I'm home imma sleep for a year There's no skein go full steam Heartbeat like a fiend on methamphetamine Pure speed, I move ahead They got a sonic boom from a pencilhead Dude I make Poppa grab a new bag And have Michael Jackson asking who's bad When I kick and jolt like Usain Bolt In a hundred metre dash with a purebred colt Man I'm hotter than Tapatio Nerves shot like I drink frappuccino Breaking down walls I'm a wrecking ball (boom!) When I'm all gassed up like ethanol Moving in a line double time I'm Benny Hill When I'm on a thrill in a Benz like Emma Peel Then I'll be the man in the lead of the whole stampede Enemies all teethe like old Sam Sneed I couldn't stop if I wanted to (no!) Quicker than a hick, on the move Doing mad laps across the maps (look out!) Like a runaway train going off its tracks U.D. lives as fugitives A few steps ahead of the music biz We stay young and independent Somehow they want to come and end it But that's okay, our will is strong! We're gonna press on, we've been at it too long We work, we slave, we paid our dues You better watch out, we're breaking through! Woo, Come on now, let's run, let's go! Keep on running (Sprint!) x4 Keep on (Let's go!) Come on now (go go) Come on now (go go go go aahh) Pulling right to the max when the rival attacks With the pipes and the bats I'm a knife through the gaps I'm on the way without a long delay I'm here and gone today you're yelling andale! It's a hundred miles then run it again I'm just past Yelin(?) and MC Ren (Look out!) (I'm outta here, see you later) Man it's a blur living life on the road You get weighed down you wanna lighten the load So we're blowing off steam every night at a show And I'm ripping our 85 mics in a row Yo we gotta go to the checkered flag Einstein got a weapon and a record bag If the wax are squeaking like a hamster wheel So man show the people that your hands are real (Einstein!) (...) Living on the land the band is ramblin Can I withstand the bad man shenanigans? Gotta have a plan and I can't be panicking (Gasp) Caught my breath and I ran again I wanna know who's chasing me It might the mob or the KGB Could it be reality? Hey maybe But I won't stop moving like ADD Man how much running do we have left? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 steps The bell lap, coming back, outta the depths We're almost there, I smell success! Gonna kiss that trophy when it's mine I'll hold it up high at the finish line Step for step we're straight and true Sprint to the take, we're breaking through! Don't stop (Come on man), Hurry up (Come on man) Hurry up Keep on running (Sprint!) x5 Let's go (Come on man), (go go go) let's go Hey, don't stop, come on man, hurry up, full speed, woo (oh yeah you did it now) (run, run, run run run) Full speed ahead (Don't be leaving our trail) Come on man, come on man, come on man, come on man (Ol!), come on man, come on man, (come on!) come on man, (let&#3
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