Текст песни Gucci Mane - Pablo (feat. E-40)

Diary Of A Trap God
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Gucci Mane
Альбом: Diary Of A Trap God
Длительность: 05:57
Рейтинг: 469
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Загрузил: mir70b8


Hook: Money stacked up like Pablo Peso so after peso, You don’t wanna walk with Pablo They'll kill you when he say so Touch down with it like Pablo ‘cause I don’t seek some Pablo Diamonds on my neck like Pablo And the fedz on my ass like Pablo. Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo, Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Esco Pablo Pablo Pablo, don’t wanna go to war with Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo Esco Pablo Pablo Pablo Esco You don’t wanna walk with Pablo Benz on my hands like Pablo Touch down with the dope like Pablo Benz on six some Pablo. Stop the track! Salute to El Chapo 21 gun salute R.I.P Griselda Blanco Peso, Euro all about Dinero Taylor suit like Pablo, time to sell this yay-yo Cool up, call me Pablo, Bust little bricks with the bako I can cool and do so with the blind foe, May your head to your mama with your eye closed, Pablo like got them Pablo price, And them key finish steady soon then Pablo ice And the whole crew like it the Pablo like And grew up drop tryin to sell the .. Pablo Pablo Pablo Pablo And shiver a .. yeah that’s my macho Y escucho my .. Ferarri my .. Hey hacho hustle yeah they think I need the .. [Hook:] [E 40:] extendo's, cinamon rolls, pillsbury big biscuits biscuits 7.6 2's, if I point 5.5 6's, Tellin' is prohibited snitchin’ witness turn a blind eye into deaf ear, yeah yeah You probably wanna mind your business Act like you can’t see or hear A tisquiet, a tasket, now the f*ck Ni**a in the casket My money stretch like elastic, serving that tragic magic, That nasal candy, that nastril dust, You don’t really wanna go to war with us, ashes to ashes dust to dust Bringing in work in uhaul trucks. Got more bags than Chris Crangle (santa), Puffin' on a spliff of bull winkle, Manipulate a broad with the lingo, She let me hit it we ain’t even have to mingle All up in her panties like a single Put it down like a mandingo Having my chips line reno Guns longer than the neck on the flamingo If you ready already than you ain’t gotta get ready I'm out here sellin' that fecti about my chalupa my feti Hoping the law dont catch me grittin out here pushing that white Serving feinds smoking out of home-made pipes, I’m a thug for the mud, I got the block in my blood I take the top of the bottle and drink the problem this is That .. I put some cheese on your thoughts some bread on your head.. no matter the cost . [Hook:] My big brother the dope man Five strops like broke man It’s Pablo and the pimp man Tax a bitch like uncle Sam F*ck niggas be like oh man Nigga we young, nigga we getting it Hey y’all niggas is jealous, ‘cause y’all niggas ain’t getting shit, I say yes nigga indeed, I dress spelling I’ll read Shine gold tea when I giff Pick your eyes up when I speak Got, got that big rench, real horses Y’all nigga blue jeans Only talk big money, we real niggas, y’all niggas too cheap Pablo [Hook:] Thanks to Evan for correcting these lyrics Thanks to CaliVal for correcting these lyrics
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