Текст песни ScHoolboy Q - She Like

Schoolboy Q
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ScHoolboy Q
Альбом: Schoolboy Q
Длительность: 04:54
Рейтинг: 644
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


[Hook] I'm the type of nigga that she likes Tryna bring her home with me tonight Look up in the sky, might see me waving, girl You get in trouble, they gon' save you, girl, girl… Player, player fly away (money, cash, hoes – money, hoes) Player, player fly away (money, cash, hoes – money, hoes) Player, player fly away (money, cash, hoes – money, hoes) [Verse 1] Ladies show your titties – freak me with your panties off She heard I run the city – and stay dressed in the finest clothes So playeristic and groovy, I'm that mane I tripped and stumbled into this rap game And turned my struggles into a full chain No wonder why these hoes good for nothing Just turning texting into some fucked game You know I get it, I did it way before I'm 30 Oh, I get it – now I attract to those who's curvy Oh, I get it – I'm livin' what these niggas talkin' 'bout She want a baller, a nigga that ain't in his mama's house Knowin' he wrong, out here sneak-fucking on his mama's couch Nigga I'm grown, boy, you keep playing, she gon' throw you out See that there ain't the life of a player, boy, I'll tell ya Yeah… callin' all the ladies If you sexy and you know it, bring that pussy over here Yeah… not a square… [Hook] [Verse 2] All my player partners ball, and stuntin' was our calling All my soldiers up, but nigga, we ain't fallin' I'm gettin' paper, but I still prefer a blunt Backwood, that good, and you know my system thump I'm turning up – my closet be fly as hell, my soul's burning Player, play on – this is that shit we've been on I'm at the Rittz with a big body bitch to lay on Ain't turning tricks, wrapping my dick, give her a gift… Give her a ball, give her a spot, give her a lift See, life's a bitch, so fuck the world while I exist I'm drunk and faded, turn the saints to lunatics Yo, what's the word? Yo, excuse me if I slur, but you need what you deserve Yeah… callin' all the ladies If you sexy and you know it, let this player hit you real Drop it for me, pause for me… [Hook] [Verse 3] Sippin' Hen, no ice, 'cause I ain't tryna chill Everybody takin' molly, I'm still off a pill Straight up off of fig into a record deal Fuck paying a tuition, I'd rather pay these bills Go from bank to bank and state to state, for sure Two chicks go mouth-to-mouth to make my penis grow I don't care 'bout nothin' but pussy, hoe So now you buddin', why you playin' with that pussy for? To my players, don't you hate a reformed hoe Tryna act like that, my nigga Soul ain't hit before She fucked K. Dot, even let Jay Rock Goin' nowhere fast in the same spot Party over here, nothin' goin' over there Yeah… callin' all the ladies If you horny and you know it Get that one, you wanna stare Yeah… drop it for me, pause for me… [Hook]
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