Текст песни Spectral Lore - All Devouring Earth

Жанр: Ambient Black / Atmospheric Black
Исполнитель: Spectral Lore
Альбом: Sentinel
Длительность: 10:10
Рейтинг: 279
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Загрузил: blackabyss666


The birth comes from within the bowels of existence It erupts out of its host by vessels of blood, without reciprocity, unbeknownst of gratitude. How could he who offers himself not desire to pull you back into the womb? "Where is your heart? You give your heart to each thing in turn. Carrying, you do not carry it... You destroy your heart on earth" "I am the river in which the life-force of every being flows. I cannot provide sustenance unless I quench my own thirst." «Come forth knife to be stained with blood come forth cross my path» The Great Mouth of the world is gaping A red veil that covers the stone is its tongue. It speaks that we are one, eternally perplexed Divided ephemerally for the sweet anticipation of reunion. Look into the black abyss and see a threshold. Join the abode of the dead as the supreme service. With fear and awe they rule with an iron hand.
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