Текст песни Courtney Love - Car Crash

Car Crash
Жанр: Grunge
Исполнитель: Courtney Love
Альбом: Car Crash
Длительность: 03:23
Рейтинг: 472
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Загрузил: Auburn


There's a ghost on the highway, And I want to run it down, There's a phantom in my bed, And I'm all alone now. I've seen every hotel, I've seen every hell, There's nothing I haven't done, There's no one I haven't had. Would you be there when the lights, When the lights get shot right out? Would you be there when the roof, When the roof comes crumbling down? And I know myself too well, And the Devil speaks to me, And he's got me pinned down now, Telling me I'm so empty. Oh, just say you're sorry now, And you'll never do it again, Take the edge right off and keep it, Coz you'll never be high again. Would you be there when the devil, When the devil comes for me? Would you be there when the lights, Go black and empty? And I live in a box, And I die in this hole. And you hold the keys, To this zip. And I don't wanna go, But I can't seem to come, And it's not up to me, It's up to you. And at all tomorrows parties, I will be there, not at one, And when you all start to miss me, Oh, just pass me the gun. And it's Valentine's again, And there's nothing here for me. Would you be there when the Devil, Takes me to the underground? Would you be there when the night, Is night all year around? Would you be there in the ice? In the frost and cold and freeze? Would you be there any time? When I'm here, I'm on my knees?
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