Текст песни Lords Of The Underground - Neva Faded

Keepers of the Funk
Жанр: Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: Lords Of The Underground
Альбом: Keepers of the Funk
Длительность: 05:15
Рейтинг: 875
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Загрузил: ...N.10...


In here, with the lords of the underground Straight from jersey kickin nothin but mad flavour From the underground And it goes a little something like this, for yah punks Do it all, neva faded Supreme-c, Neva faded Funky man, Neva faded Lord jazz Neva faded, Molle(?) skills, Neva faded Do it all, Neva faded Funky man, Neva faded So check out the styles he created Funky Man In this corner we got the brother with the braids in his hair The real nigga wit the ill grim reaper spear 5 feet 8 inches 210 pounds kinda chunky the brass monkey junky mr funky Im turnin all these rap rappers always into something You need to mind your business and nobody ask you nothin See im not getting played by another mans greed but take me for a joke Cos' I'm not scared to bleed I heard you say mr funky ima diss yo ass, letcha boys gas you up and Now they miss yo ass You just mad cos you couldn't give the crowd what they want Niggas rhyme about my show cos its the first of the month I got everything right down in the scavenger(?) Rippin everything from japan to america Peace to breathabeker(?) you got goin on And I'm out, cos im to sexy for this song. Molle skills, Neva faded Supreme c, Neva-faded Funky man, Neva faded Lord jazz, Neva faded Molle skills, Neva faded Breathabeker, Neva faded Do it all Neva faded So check out the styles he created Do It All Well your lieing boy cos im faded of the monkey But neither of nemsee cos none of them can touch me I squeeze my d with these ways of a key Sometimes comes a verse usually sing like "im that brother, straight from the under" My name is do it all but you cant be my lover Well stop im not a rap singer im a hip hop So yo get the finger, special guests on my show Is the nigga from my way I aint change my area its still north NJ Im still from the bricks with a funkload of tricks but when im with my man To flip that other jersey script and to parley with marley to slap asses in the hallway "uhhh onetwo" so let me here you go hey So fuck what yah heard cos this brother is absurd they talk like a doo-doo And you mockin like a bird I'm still that real nasty brother from the block of 19 Who will barely play to you for some brass monkey wine So um wind it up, hah, Cos with one tune of this funk you be poking out your eyes Im back on the stack of these fabulous raps that im spitting real quickly That rid my teeth of gat I be the lord of the under I go back to my roots and if you dont know the bio Chief rocka was the proof. Supreme c, Neva faded Do it all, Neva faded Molle skills, Neva faded Rated r, Neva faded Breathabeker, Neva faded Do it all, Neva faded Lord jazz, Neva faded Supreme c, Neva faded "Special guests on my show he can flow he can flow he's the brother on my show he can flow he can flow, special guests on my show he can flow he can flow, its my brother on the show he can flow he can flow" Supreme C The way I be eaten niggas up like jaws is to scare you up until you bleed through yah pores Follow you home then I kick down your door, run up on that ass and put your brains on the floor, think about it before you step to me chief, filled with grief and prepare for any beef Much to high dont try to enter my mental state I deflate any fat rhymes that you make, so break Or get kicked like soccer miss yah like hoffa(?) or broke off proper A smooth move to you move like subtraction packin a mac10 prepared For action I represent the hostile and wow a funky child my style flowing like the nile My mic is burning back up dont touch yah I crush yah like the breakdown Will rush yah dont test lyrical styles I possess, protect your chest from the best With the vest Schmeless cos many murders make a mess its the stress that got me b
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