Текст песни Reinxeed - A New World

A New World
Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Reinxeed
Альбом: A New World
Длительность: 08:47
Рейтинг: 495
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Gek4jc


Listen to the story of a man with dream And a need to act like a God "No one in this world should never have to die!" A poor mans words with a mad mans mind His brother he was born the day his mother passed away A tragedy that made him see there's more to life For everyone who wish to live their lives eternally His passion for science will be their victory When the lightning strikes he knows... "Far away, beyond our dreams the knowledge to create a life, or so it seems, is not so distant for me" He travelled across black oceans and seas for death and a reason why Why we only receive one chance in this life Forgotten his world, his sister and wife A chance to make a man come back to life, oh what a deed The finest brain, a dead mans hand is all he need And when the lightning strikes he will have To make a stand, revive a murdered soul is for The demons and the damned Run away, run away! The madness in your eyes they say: "From this day I have no longer a soul" Fading out from this place inside your head you're Full of rot and disgrace because tonight you will try "Tonight I will try..." Pull up, dragging him up, high into the sky Voices telling you it's time to stop this madness now Before it's too late! Creatures come to life again, a walking abomination He ran for his life when the creature Appeared right before him Now he could see what a horrible terror He brought to this world Trying to forget it all, now he's heading home Across the oceans to his love and family But danger lies behind the shadows When he comes to shore A creature with vengeance in mind like never before Melodies in the night reminds the creature of His life in the past when he took many lives The need to kill, the need for pain from others Coming back again to his mind Now his master will pay First when his brother was gone his father went down Then they found him with no life at all The sorrow and pain, the question remain: Who took his brother away? "I've created a life! I've created a monster of death! Oh, no!" 1000 miles he will walk, he stands before the hands of God Now the ice will break and down, down he'll fall Far away beyond our dreams the knowledge To create a life, or so it seems, were not so distant for him Melodies in the night reminds him of his life in the past Now the tears made him see Don't run away, don't run away! The madness in his eyes will fade on this day For he have created a soul Fading out from this place without have given him a name But for one he have created a new world He showed him a new world...
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