Текст песни Athletic Mic League - Vibin

Underground Hip Hop For Dummies, Vol.1
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Athletic Mic League
Альбом: Underground Hip Hop For Dummies, Vol.1
Длительность: 04:14
Рейтинг: 481
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Загрузил: DaKent


[BUFF-ONE] Well it's the B-U-F-F dash O-N-E Asking y'all to please get your vibe on with me [Vitalo] And it's the V-I-T-A-L-OOOO Hit a vibe with y'all now and make you say hello [14KT] What up though, and if y'all didn't know it's me And I go by the name of 14KT [all] And it's the Mic League right - right -right - right (Showing how we vibe) [BUFF-ONE] You call that genius? It's more like the stroke of ignorance And I'll be more than happy to fix those broken sentences The only problem is (what); they're blowing in the wind And you can't pick up the pieces cause you don't know where to begin Start with that main organ a few inches below your chin You hear a beaten but you don't know what coast you're listening It says -- "Fella you must destroy Those thoughts that got you running around like your mama don't love you boy" I'm just keeping it real, but real to me - Is not a real emcee but a real human being, and We do the things that seem to get applause It's called hip-hop, and we rockin for the cause Not the kind of rock that fiends abuse - The kind of rock that make your speakers move What side you claim, you don't need to choose We all the same, all my people groove Cause when it's all said and done we dot the i's and cross t's Y'all gonna know this cat they call ??? Make the names household, y'all gon see But for now just vibe with me [Chorus] We gon represent the Midwest even though we been goooooone Let's rise up together, we can all stand taaaaaaall We spent some time away, but the connection stay stroooooong We know we owning supporters cause we be vibin off y'all [Vitalo] ??"Your daddy plugs whites"?? spit the crowd, make them participate Improvise, its ok, you'll make mistakes Don't blame the soundman, the DJ got breaks Why don't you utilize the crowd and prove the vibe in this place Hold on dog, the reason I survive this long I'm age sported in dialog, and word delivery Perseverance – that's like my greatest attribute And saying that "I'm dope" is a lie, then I go out and smack em (come here) The truth come out the Himalayas, with a ??? and a snaggle tooth I'm takin y'all way back (WAAAAY BACK) rocking white jumpsuit abs and proof Love or hate, y'all can take your pick We've seen it all from plagiaristic racist hicks to O.D.'ed raver chicks Disconnecting cables, freestyling to the fader clicks My favorite is - leaving tour stages cause it pays the rent The eight energetic, with eight thousand ways to spit Thanks for the wait, yo we appreciate it [Chorus] Find your life is ??? while I recite this sooooooong Tell your girl is fly and your kids that crime's wroooooong We keep the dogs hype and the ladies head boooooob The League stays in the job when we be vibin off y'all [14KT] Yuh yall, it goes (UH UH UH OOOOH) Let-let me know is y'all with me (WITH MEEE) Yo I'm ready to rock, is y'all ready to rock? (YEAH) I'm sayin if, if y'all ready to rock then, (ahhhh...) I might as well then Spit my patented hype sentences to finish this I got no choice but to take this back to genesis With peer ethic, haggling it like Tom Chambers double-pumper Lakers vs Celtics Y'all know the half-steady craft the raps til I hear the extra hand clap Then see fans stack a lease the gold LP ??? Back to back -- blows to sold out shows To show that we love ?master glow? It's all for hip-hop, nothing else can match the vibe of trying to switch spots As big as it's got, we raise it to an infinite notch To see them arms flop Reggie Miller fight after drunk shots [Chorus] We go on and on and onnnnn, on and on and onnnnnn Keep your hands to the sky, we tryi
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