Текст песни Us3 - Kick This

Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Us3
Альбом: FIFA 07 - OST
Длительность: 04:27
Рейтинг: 3263
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Загрузил: Polovoi


Now I got soul & I got goals & I got fans Got plans for takin my team to the top and Stands of people watch me when I kick this My style's so fly you could call it a discus My skills are easy to see so don't try to heckle me like a chimpanzee I get paid to play and I'm good at my work So let's go toe to toe 'cos I'm claiming the turf Cos this is my craft don't step on my team yo Cos I'm a start kicking it like Ronaldinho And get down to business and logistics Here's a hot beat check it out just kick it Kick this! It seems every time I turn around I'm on the ground Why's everybody kicking me when I'm down? You can help me land but won't give me a hand Said it's against the rules, cool I understand He wants me to roll as long as he's in control But when he's not he wants to stop me from reaching my goal Even your soul/sole is hard and cold but I get it And any minute you're gonna be wanting to kick it In this game I run to the rhythm and kick this Find More lyrics at For you to intercept and as quick as a misfit I'm gone without a trace got places to go to A new mic to rock and a record to flow to So let me sum it all up like this When I got goals to reach my team don't miss My crew is coming and you know I come with it You better step it up homeboy just kick it Kick this! Now we refuse to lose and we make our own rules Cos my crew's like the popular kids at school So you think you're cool and you like our team And to kick it with us is your life long dream Well we're the in-crowd no scrubs allowed Don't cry foul, you're running with the big boys now Just like running the halls or playing the wall When they come you either run or you're taking a fall But not us because we're shaking and faking them all My crew's on the ball we don't break down or stall And ain't afraid to brawl, all for one, one for all So if y'all ain't with it, forget it we can't kick it
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