Текст песни Cella Dwellas - Advance To Boardwalk

Realms N Reality
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Cella Dwellas
Альбом: Realms N Reality
Длительность: 03:39
Рейтинг: 467
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Загрузил: compton-213


[ CHORUS: U.G. ] Aiyo, get nice Shoot dice Skip the small talk Son, advance to BOARDWALK Collectin properties and profit Expand and make dough Yo, slide past GO [ Phantasm ] Check the drama as the saga starts to enfold To advance and pass GO and get the pot of gold In the MEDITERRANEAN Met this fly lady, and She had two lovers The rich Parker Brothers On the run from the IRS for INCOME TAX After this heist, son, we sittin on stacks In this new community lookin for the Treasure Chest Took a wrong left turn, fuck it yo, nevertheless It's my fault, kid We ended up on BALTIC Off course But still we ain't takin a loss There he go, READING at the RAILROAD in his Porsche Waitin for his brother to come in on the iron horse [ U.G. ] Can it be so simple? Playin in my rental on ORIENTAL AVENUE passin through CONNECTICUT Got to get the burn mark just to VISIT Matt Life in the clink (/JAIL) I'm bagged for stolen minks and snatchin links [ Phantasm ] At ST. CHARLES PLACE Let me check Digga and Masta Ase And the Inc. They own ELECTRIC COMPANY Next is the state of VIRGINIA, with Rhamadan And got Mad Skillz like Shaqwan At the train station We waitin For my PENNSYLVANIA connect To come through and show us love and respect Don't even take aim, cause he's a SAINT like JAMES And when you're done with the body burn em in the flames [ U.G. } Sippin Hennessy on TENNESSEE With Hav and P Seen Schott Free, asked me to walk to NEW YORK AVENUE, bag two chicks who whips were stashed at FREE PARKING We seen Lou Diamond with Tony Starks, then Some kid tried to buck me On KENTUCKY Some gang named CHANCE wore bandanas So I ran to INDIANA (ILLINOIS/) ILLA NOYZ and his boys Held me down and got my back Pass the gat, yes, I'm just cool like that [ CHORUS ] [ Phantasm ] It's after three, yo We at B&0 Amtrak and MARVIN GARDENS A player like Phantasm is starvin Check the fountain and see if the WATER WORKS While I send four Messages up to VENTNOR [ U.G. ] I was on ATLANTIC With my man Quick To snatch jewels and hit the scale Seen 50, didn't wanna GO TO JAIL On PENNSYLVANIA I met Lorena She had on Guess She said (you need a vest goin through COMMUNITY CHEST) Or NC, NORTH CAROLINA if you visit You look exquisite ????? made by PACIFIC Kicked a SHORT LINE Shorty was mine She was with it I got the digits But never got the CHANCE to hit it [ Phantasm ] At PARK PLACE Hit the Parker Brothers' safe And made a killin And skated with about two million But we got to pay TAX on the LUXURY The Cella Dwellas' plan is to expand and live comfortably [ CHORUS ]
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