Текст песни Bronze Nazareth ft. RZA - Fresh From The Morgue

Prelude To The 2Nd Coming
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: RZA ft. Bronze Nazareth
Альбом: Prelude To The 2Nd Coming
Длительность: 04:39
Рейтинг: 361
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


Yeah, nigger I'm ill, fresh from the morgue, Tough ... put the dice to the floor, Nigger I'm ill, fresh from the morgue, Yes, I'm ... Nigger I'm ill, fresh from the morgue, Tough ... put the dice to the floor, Nigger I'm ill, fresh from the morgue, Yes, I'm ... Nigger, I'm ill... to the back of a gorilla, Records so sharp, DJ slash their fingers, We chop trees, never yell... ..scale triple .. Subliminal, seminal, off the lifting, Incredible criminal how it goes off when... ..the feds heard my song now they wanna search my trunk, ...got that wife in the sheets sitting numb, ...I'm the sun in your palm, ..like the sickness and I'm on! Impregnate the song, ..niggers off my blog, Take what I want you niggers is still begging, And I ain't got no jewellery to fly upon a building. ..Brazilians over my lap like... If anyone dare touching me.... That boy, yeah! .. the affliction to pat descriptions, ..we're all fabulous, There's more stars than asteroids, but I just sit... Crumble in ... keep your pocket from the... Got a tuna fish, .. by small hills, ..cash and these small bills! Keep the ... Twist a nigger way back, like a fucking soldier chap! Nigger, ain't supposed to rap, I make movies... Put some deeds on it, put some cheese on it, The blood is.. pick some trees on it,... I got more rhymes than... that I can ever solicit ..I give you a free... Popping on your silver screen ... ..still hard as hell and rock... Mother fucker flip your head, I take the tells! You must have missed this, son,.... Why would this mother fucker risk it Just to become another police statistics? ... cocaine cowboy, That means I ride the beat like a white horse,... I'm a spread war like a tumor... I'm the ... that you niggers hear about, ..say my name five times in the mirror now! Everything clear now, I'm pro-active cause I clear 'em out, ..you are all picture, ..you are all picture. On the ground.. I was.. chicken, ..my blade dripping. ... I can't reach you, I'm so ill, bring in the nurse to see me,... Fresh from the morgue! I'm so ill I came from the morgue shit!
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