Текст песни Galaxy Aflame - Temptation Of Horus

Bellum Internecinum
Жанр: Martial Industrial
Исполнитель: Galaxy Aflame
Альбом: Bellum Internecinum
Длительность: 03:24
Рейтинг: 383
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: HAL


Feel all the pleasures of yielding to Glory, Feel all the sins and desires of power, Come back to life and set all world in motion, You shall be never dead, you shall be one god! You are betrayed by the Father of mankind, He just needs you to bring darkness and fear! The answer is No! You lie, the false vision! Feel all the misteries embracing the power, Warp is the one point, we need you down there, Free up the rage of the battle for glory, Suffer no illness, nor death, nor oblivion! Emperor's lies is no more for your ears, You'll be the Warlord in glory eternal, Terra shall burn and rise up reunited, All shall be yours, Horus, give us the one word! He is the traitor, he owes us a great deal, He's just the man who desires the power, He'll just forget you when you finish crusade, He'll throw away all your virtues and glory! How can it be, he's my father and guardian! How could he do it, for what deadly purpose? The Galaxy shall burn! The Galaxy will be mine! I am Horus the Warlord!
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