Текст песни Galaxy Aflame - By The Grace Of The Golden Throne

Bellum Internecinum
Жанр: Martial Industrial
Исполнитель: Galaxy Aflame
Альбом: Bellum Internecinum
Длительность: 02:45
Рейтинг: 408
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: HAL


By the Grace of the Golden Throne And Holy Terra We are rising in flames We are prophets of dawn! We are storms made of iron, The soldiers of mankind! We shall cure the heresy Clean the forlorn... We are soldiers of future The Pride of Imperium! We are made out of steel And we march for mankind. By the Grace of the Golden Throne And Holy Terra We shall bring down the worlds To the feet of the lgiht. Let the galaxy fear And all chaos tremble The Imperium rises, The new golden sun! May the Emperor guide us And save us from fear! Let the Golden Throne rule Over bilion worlds! We are marching in pride For mankind and for glory, We are marching for light By the Grace of the Throne! The Emperor protects! (3 times)
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