Текст песни DMX - More 2 A Song

…And Then There Was X
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: DMX
Альбом: …And Then There Was X
Длительность: 03:42
Рейтинг: 3315
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Partizan


[DMX] Uhh.. c'mon! Chorus: DMX (Dog) It's more to a song than, jewelry and clothes More to a niggaz life than, money and hoes The game is a lot bigger than you, think you know And if you think you know, then I don't think you know [DMX] Niggaz - walk around frontin (frontin) talkin bout jewels (jewels) how much you bust tools, y'all niggaz sounds like fools (woo) Who you really think give a fuck how much your watch cost? (mm-hmm) How much your watch cost? You bout to get your watch lost (aight) If you flashin it, you must not want it See I fuck with real niggaz that done it You know what time it is, run it! Niggaz got more important shit to deal with Talkin about some 4 wheel shit but my man here is about to kill shit (UH!) Keep playin niggaz pussy, and you will get fucked Why don't you cop some more ice dog; then you will get stuck and fucked Bitch-ass nigga, hit my street and see what happens to that iceberg when it's hit by heat (woo) It want be a pretty sight, you and your pretty wife Oh you must have forgot dog, this is the shitty life (aight?) Ain't a fuckin thing sweet, and ain't nothing fair Just another nigga dead, don't a motherfucker care Chorus: repeat 2X [DMX] Born and raisesd in the projects and can't forget it And all that grimmy shit niggaz do, I done did it (uhh) And I'm still wit it, nigga I stay in the hood But when the cats is out, bet the dog, play in the hood You keep bringin them fake bitches through You gon' fuck around and make bitches do (WHAT?) We take bitches too (aight?) An if you comin through my block, it's gon' be the last stop We blast tops, faggots couldn't make it to the stash box (c'mon!) Big ass rocks, I want that! Fuck the blood All that shit washes off, the next day I'm like, "What?" Flossin yo' shit, what I want for yo' shit? (uhh, uhh) Give a nigga like three bricks to feed the dogs with Cause I ain't really gots to shine (Why?) When they do, I do For me them niggaz'll hide you, where nobody'll find you If you eatin motherfucker, then your dogs should be eatin too Not just four or five niggaz Cause you know what the streets'll do Chorus: repeat 2X [DMX] I will be the voice of the street til I die (die) Cause I know if I keep my heart real, I'm gon' fly (fly) Either let me fly or give me death; if you didn't catch it then get it now, cause it's all that's left And this will be the last breath (uh) provokin my niggaz (uh) to start choking y'all niggaz (WHAT?) and smokin y'all niggaz A nigga would never have to say, "X feed me!" You'll never hear a nigga say, "X is greedy!" Only, "X believe me! I didn't know it was a setup!" Get up, cocksuckin motherfucker, shut up Shut up {*"pop pop"*} Fuck you nigga From the hood to the wood, fuck you nigga This for my dogs, til death do us part I'm still here, cause I been here from the start (aight?) If I'm ever anywhere, anytime it gets ugly (WHAT?) The dog is aight, cause I know the streets love me (grrrrrrrrr) Chorus: repeat 2X [DMX] *speaking softly* Dog.. Jewelry and clothes.. Money and hoes.. Think you know? I don't think you know..
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