Текст песни Krister Linder - Broken Horses

Krister Linder
Жанр: Electronic / Ambient / Downtempo
Исполнитель: Krister Linder
Альбом: Krister Linder
Длительность: 05:19
Рейтинг: 336
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Загрузил: SammyK


Roll the dice, I'm going in to claim my name. The race is on. Fire away. Labyrinth of sliding doors. The choice is mine. Where I go becomes who I am. I am my father's eyes. I am my mother's heart. I am my brother's hands, and the chance of soft, safe ground. Anything I become will affect everyone. Everything I have done will remain under the sun. Dreams come undone like paper. Under city lights we flock to play broken horses. Let's play broken horses. Here's my shot. Fail me not. I place my bets. Don't hesitate. No time to waste. Cover me, my hands are stiff and trembling cold. Cover me this once for I have lost control. Cover me, for I'm about to stake my soul. It's in the woods. It's in the breeze. It's heading fast over hills and seas. It's in the branches and all the leaves. It's under ground and above the trees. It's in the air upon my skin. Beneath the crust and the cage I'm in. It's in the streets. It's all there is. And all around around around... And from afar I see the lights of shooting stars. Oh, if you were only among them, I would let you go see our lives from up above. And way down I'd still be here playing broken horses. I'd be playing broken horses.
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