Текст песни Electric Mary - All Eyes On Me

Hair Metal 80'S [Vol. 3] [Disc 1]
Жанр: Glam Metal / Hair Metal / Pop Metal
Исполнитель: Electric Mary
Альбом: Hair Metal 80'S [Vol. 3] [Disc 1]
Длительность: 02:08
Рейтинг: 647
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Загрузил: jordan212


Roll into town with not much sleep and I was feelin’ like a King I walked out to the centre of the earth to where I do my thing There’s nothing here for you to see, a voice came from behind I was caught up in the atmosphere, we both stood still in time Chorus This is what I want This is what I need Standing in the middle of a little of both all eyes upon me I met a woman who treated me well said she'd give me what I need I had nothing to give in return so I got down on my knees I put a Mary around her neck said I hope it keeps you warm She just smiled and turned away as I walked into the storm Chorus Solo Chorus x 2 LIES Black hole in the middle of summer Swimming around in your shame One shot still in the chamber Layin' around with your name Chorus No sign no tears The cynical waste of your years You got a black hole in the middle of summer Layin' around with your name Feeding me your lies Feeding me your lies Deep need in the middle of you Kicking around in your name Got a new life in the tip of your fingers Looking at who you can blame Chorus Solo As high as the sun in the ether you burn While your fingers extract from the soul Your mother, your father, your brother, your sister Sitting and watching in shadows of your What are you waiting with all that I need (Lies) You everyone and everything (Lies) You had a stake in the dust you know all of your needs (Lies) You won't take anymore than I can see Solo
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