Текст песни The Electric Swing Circus - Harvey

The Electric Swing Circus
Жанр: Swing / Nu Jazz
Исполнитель: The Electric Swing Circus
Альбом: The Electric Swing Circus
Длительность: 04:03
Рейтинг: 571
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Загрузил: killer4444


Oh, he works in the shadows He waits in the wings. Miracle waking, the magic begins. Leaning on a lamppost As he beckons you near. With a furry white claw and magnificent ears. Oh, it might be a bat Or a rhinoceros. Maybe a horse or a pet octopus. But I think it's rather Convenient to find A friend in the circus of your mind. Oh, what will you do When he comes for you? What will you do when that pooka chooses you? No, don't be afraid To follow his lead. He'll show you the ropes of our reality. He ain't gonna hurt you No not in the least. So a toast to a most benevolent beast. Chorus So, here's to you, Harvey The weaver of dreams Stopper of clocks, the unpicker of seams. Raise a glass to old Harvey Look him straight in the eye. If you say you can't see him, you're living a La la la la la la la lie (×4) Oh, where will I be When he comes for me? What will I see when that pooka chooses me? No I ain't scared Of ghosts in the night. I'll lap it all up with delicious delight. An ocean of time Where we can run free. Harvey and me, yes, we'll sail the high seas In our grand fantasy, and we'll sing...
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