Текст песни Illusion Suite - Orpheus' Quest

The Iron Cemetery
Жанр: Power Metal / Progressive Metal
Исполнитель: Illusion Suite
Альбом: The Iron Cemetery
Длительность: 05:04
Рейтинг: 743
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Загрузил: DIM69


I play poetry. I want this God deceived. And when the sun goes down I will climb into the underworld. How did I lose my way in life? Can I start it over again? I want to blind this God with music, to bring my loved one home. I played along with the boatman’s hunger. For the coins in my hand he brought me into the darkest of realms. For my love I will cross past this dimension door. Hades: I will raze the foes of my kingdom. There’s no fight, I am crushing all my enemies. Now, there is no heart. There’s no sympathy. These eyes are as cold as the night. Orpheus: How did I loose my way in life? Can I start it over again? I want to blind this God with music, to bring my loved one home. You took her… I want her back tonight! Under these circumstances I’ll fight. Let us settle this nice. Today you picked a flower of innocence. Hades: You tremble at my throne in awe. My darkness prevails. Orpheus: It is my poetry emotions that I share with you tonight. I praise thee. I intend to commence in the writing of a hymn. They’ll be chanting your name in the living’s realm. Writing about thee in Poetry. Hades: I can see across my whole kingdom. I said: “go, but you don’t look at Eurydice!”. Now go back and meet your destiny. Torment awaits her in the abysses of hell. Orpheus: But in the end he released my love on the terms we agreed: “Walk not to turn, do not look in her eyes”. In the end I could not help but to turn around. End game Five birds are flying above. One bird’s perception the others are ignoring. So, two birds part their flock this day. All will never play together. There is another kind of ball game. From this day on, and from now…
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