Текст песни The Advice - Love Me Like That

The Advice
Жанр: Rock / Funk
Исполнитель: The Advice
Альбом: The Advice
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 332
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Загрузил: killer4444


(lyrics with chords) Oh-ohh-oh-oh-ohh-oh 2x A G D Oh-oh-ohhhh VERSE: D Just another street corner and another old man A Everything that he owns in a pack in his hand G And taking his time and shuffling along A G D And mumbling to himself D He didn't ask me for money as his passed me by A And I hate to admit but I was a little surprised G And then I got curios when the mumbling I heard A G D Was more than just meaningless words He was singing CHORUS: D I've got angels watching over me wherever I go A I don’t worry too much about what’s down the road G The sun is gonna shine even when it gets cold A G D And only Jesus can love me like that D Wherever I roam I’m never alone A This world ain’t my home, I won’t be here long G I wake up someday and dance on streets of gold A G D And only Jesus can love me like that D Oh-ohh-oh-oh-ohh-oh 3x A G D Oh-oh-ohhhh VERSE: D Well later that night as I laid in my bed A I tried to reconcile the words that he said G He was obviously crazy, then I thought to myself A G D Who’s the crazy one after all D The truth is I wake up some days A With a bad attitude and a frown on my face G Stressed out, forgetting that you hold my days A G D Not acting like a child at all CHORUS: BRIDGE: Bm So forgive me Lord for judging a man Em Who’s broken and knows he’s still in your hands And when I forget please remind me again A G D Only you can love me like that
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