Текст песни Chamillionaire - Here We Go Again

Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chamillionaire
Альбом: Reignfall
Длительность: 04:11
Рейтинг: 575
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Загрузил: method_85


[Intro] Here we go again That's life Ooh, ooh, ooh...alright Can't you see that it's raining? (hol' up) Can't you see that it's pouring? They just wanna see rainfall (hol' up) They just hope that it's storming They always gonna tell you when it rains it pours Mother Nature's crying inside I know I didn't tell you the entire story But let me finish what happened that night [Verse 1] I was chilling with Frank Thomas the baseball player You know the the one that played for the White Sox Uncle Ro and Hurt 'Em Bad is how I hooked up with him Thought he could put us in the right spots Let me connect the dots... On the Chi block, had two Cartier rings that was iced out A secretary named Lorraine that was quite hot Told me to meet him at the studio, 5 O'clock Try'na get to the studio, picked up in a limo I recorded a demo, and you know my MO H-town slow it way down, here I picked up the tempo Thought it was a Benzo, but he wasn't in a Benzo I hopped out the car and Frank saw me In a parking lot in his Ferrari He opened the door and the leather was looking Godly Real talk, could've cost a mill He was back from New York, he had shopped a deal He met with them talked about my appeal All the labels were talking but not for real Well I think you're wise, and at least ya tried At least we know that they'll see you rise At least you're floating on decent tires I'm headed home but don't be surprised That's where I be if they want me They pro'lly don't but just call me Gave me a couple of stacks Because he knew I was headed right back to the hood, I think it scarred me Then I got on the plane, headed back to Houston like it's part of the game Gave the money to my mother and she couldn't complain Then I headed to the Swishahouse and started a flame Everything started moving up After high school we was cool enough I'm like this ain't got nothin' to do with luck I watched Slim and Braceface candy blue a truck The 312 What I got to dial I called Hurt 'Em Bad like, "we got a lot to smile.. ..about Hurt, we can make a profit now I need beats because we're about to put an album out" That conversation wasn't friendly Thought he had some beats that he could lend me But he told me that they have a price tag And a beat from him would cost 10 G's That's when my heart turned empty I wasn't trying to get them free but didn't think that you would rob me I recorded all them songs for you and never asked you for a dollar Now you tryna charge me? *click* On the window pane we can all see the rain Somebody gotta let me know what part of the game is this Wait, now I got a call from Lorraine, "Hello?" What's up, she's no longer working with Frank at all And told me the reason she made the call Is to tell what really happened with the major talk "They liked you Cham and they said you're raw They liked your music but hated all the rest of the artist He told them, nah, you wanna sign him? Gotta pay us all" I knew that I wasn't ever signed to her I knew that I wasn't ever signed to Frank And Frank, he already had a lot of bank I'm never letting anyone decide my fate Who knew that I would do what I do? Who knew that Michael Watts would try to screw what he screw Who knew that Ron C was good at screwin' it too? And how can anybody act like they had a clue? We wasn't sittin' by a stewardess You wasn't riding on the tour bus, and it was more than a few of us I couldn't tell you where the jeweler was, but I could tell you where the sewer was, labels were was suing us Switch back to Chicago, where everybody duck 5-0 and pimps ride fly though They say "in God we trust", but keep a weapon in the Bible
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