Текст песни Ludacris - Freedom Of Preach

Release Therapy
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ludacris
Альбом: Release Therapy
Длительность: 07:07
Рейтинг: 648
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Загрузил: DrNaty


[Intro] Can the church say Amen? (Amen reverend) We gon' do one more offerin right now We gon' do another one in fifteen minutes And we gon' do one mo', right after that Yes, women you lookin so very beautiful here today Some of you with the same thang on from the club last night(oh) The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away Please Lord Jesus I wish you'd taketh away Sister Mary's wig Oh you disrespectin the House of God with that thing on It don't even look real; aww, it's testimony time Oh who is that? Young Chris Bridges Boy I'm glad you finally grew into them ears Go on and testify [Ludacris] Lord, please forgive me for the mistakes I've made And thanks for keepin my momma safe when she wrecked my Escalade See I could replace a Cadillac but I can't replace my momma I'm sorry for the hip-hop beefs, we sorry for the drama But you gotta understand us rappers ain't never had nothin And one's loss is another's gain so we gotta grab somethin Lord, got so many questions I need the answers to And sorry for the thangs I put my baby's mama through I feel that women are really the strongest human beings but why do you make 'em so emotional, and other minor things I guess it's your way of sayin we gotta love 'em and gotta praise 'em cause without 'em we'd be nothin, plus our kids they gotta raise 'em while we, out and about and seein what life has to offer But if you offer a new life then what we need is better fathers Either I'm smarter cause of my daughter or I'm just too dense I'm 28 years old, it just now started makin sense And I've been... [Chorus One] Searchin so looooong, I was lost in the clouds I'm tryna stay strooooong, and make you prouuuuud It took me some tiiiiime, but now I see That Heeeee resiiiiides, in me yeahhhhh yeah [Ludacris] Lord, forgive me for anytime a fan said I was bein rude I'm only human, I'm not always in the best of moods But thanks for givin the gift of rap to write my feelings down And sorry for cursin sometimes but feelings make me shout 'em out Forgive the people that wanna blame everything on rap music If they didn't live it they can't relate or even adapt to it Forgive those who don't think I'm great and wanna see me go Forgive Oprah for editin most my comments off her show Don't get me wrong, I know some people got a image to hold But those who criticize the youth might just be gettin too old We still travellin through life, findin what's right or wrong I know some folks may not agree or even like this song But I'm just speakin MY truth, cause I heard it sets you free And my conversation's with God, even though he speaks through me I'm smarter cause of my daughter, and I'm NOT too dense I'm 28 years old, it just now started makin sense And I've been... [Chorus One] [Ludacris - over Chorus One] I've been searchin so long I admit that I've been lost in them clouds I'm just tryna stay strong baby You know I'ma make you proud I know life is full of contradictions I'm tryna become a better man Prayin for redemption, each and every day (Hallelujah, as the choir sings) [Chorus Two: sung by choir] Searchin so looooong (so long) lost in the clouuuuuds (in the clouds) Tryin to stay strooooong, and make you prouuuuud - make you proud! Took me some tiiiiime (took me some time) now I seeeee (oh now I see) Heeeee resiiiides, in me (yeah) (Ladies and gentlemen, we have a special guest in the house tonight Came with some words of encouragement, Bishop Eddie Long) [Chorus Two - repeat 2X, minus ad libs] [Outro: Bishop Eddie Lee Long] What you just heard is real life It's real life for you, it's real life for many It's about where you been, y
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