Текст песни Merge - Joy Illusion

Encyclopedia Deathcore - Next Door Is The US One Vol.1
Жанр: Metalcore / Deathcore / Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Merge
Альбом: Encyclopedia Deathcore - Next Door Is The US One Vol.1
Длительность: 04:27
Рейтинг: 297
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Загрузил: _Insurgent_From_Hell_


You said : "oh can we talk" "oh please just can talk much more." But we're just deaf again. Put your finger in my throath And with your solid sword give me a sign of faith And so what? what this all deserved ? Seperated from our bodies My old friend, give me your peaceful love Suffering from my blindness No matter what you said your God doesn't exist Tonight we drown, in your children and wives bloods Fuck your pain and fuck your thoughts I know you think it's your last dance I hope you read my letter And if we grow on this land Our memories are still the same You will never rescue me from my faith, Rescue me from my loss And i miss all my friends, and their peaceful hands AMPATHY I need it, feel it, Breathing this shit Every single night and day And you will never Have a second chance But there's no time for regrets Cause you will never give them back to me Never give them back to me It's too late they went away You'll never give them back to me Oh too late they went away It's just a joy illusion...
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