Текст песни Running Wild - Metalhead

Жанр: Power Metal
Исполнитель: Running Wild
Альбом: Masquerade
Длительность: 04:55
Рейтинг: 1471
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Galvarra


There's power in your blood, there's thunder in your veins Staunchness is the way to keep you away from pain If your everlasting soul is shedding of its fear You'll be a rebel at heart, a stone in their gear Fear and pain, Hades'name Sin and pride their evil guide Metalhead, trust in yourself and fight Metalhead, free your mind Metalhead, deny the darkened side Metalhead, your soul is prime They try to break your back, they wanna take away your pride Fatheads are what they need, they wanna take you for a ride Backbiters're telling lies to bring you into line They try to ban the truth cause power and money s prime Fear and pain. Hades'name Sin and pride their evil guide They tear the ancient symbols, true evil always will Now ascending's rising, the fate will be fullfilled Banning of saviour from evil. the holy pentagram They know exactly who they are, blackest minds and men Fear and pain, Hades'name Sin and pride their evil guide
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