Текст песни Edenbridge - The Bonding

The Bonding
Жанр: Power Metal / Symphonic Metal
Исполнитель: Edenbridge
Альбом: The Bonding
Длительность: 15:26
Рейтинг: 1490
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Загрузил: DiProff


[The one] here, here you stand all seems to be in the air for no reason at all ? Facing the world in despair if you could only come to know this hope, the infinite now the dream to arrive floating in seas of doubt i´m beyond belief the one, you will recall i´m the timeless now the reason of it all it´s how the waves can change their form but the ocean stays the same a different wave born in a storm the same water to tame [the disbeliefer] [Pre-chorus] how can i feel you ? When it´s all all beyond belief why can´t i see you ? Is your being to deceive ? How can i touch you ? As it´s my philosophy when i can´t hear you it´s beyond theology [both] [Chorus] i am unborn and immortal i am the light in the dark eternal formless power the guardian of the arc [the one] i am the boundless now the well that can´t run dry infinity in deep there´s no beginning no goodbye it´s the void of shaping anything existence has begun ring´s not gold and gold´s not ring but the golden ring is one [Pre-chorus] [Chorus] [both] humans and flowers stones, water, trees feelings, intensions and our dreams mountains and planets and even the sun i stay untouched, i am one [the one] the world we know may drown in death it won´t go down the outer form will die the journey to ally it´s timeless what we are the children of the brightest star an if you arrive, you know it was forever there the last step to be aware the secret we all share ain´t arising when we´re born doesn´t vanish when we mourn it´s not venus, it´s not mars and it´s not a thousand stars beyond the realms of time it ain´t evil , it ain´t fine it´s the void that´s taking form an endless journey back the witness beyond every act the light that tears the black you will know it was the same long before birth gave you name before your elders could engage before an endless age decline is not decline it´s progress to a new design a new beginning, another shine this world may drown in tears without hope, within our fears then we are aware the bonding is there the timeless now
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