Текст песни Freddie Mercury - Love Makin' Love (Demo)

Original Version-Single Version-Rarities
Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Freddie Mercury
Альбом: Original Version-Single Version-Rarities
Длительность: 03:37
Рейтинг: 704
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Загрузил: bcd


Yeah You just say you want out Take no more of this kind of love No talk of romance Takin' chances you can't afford No more goodbyes No tellin' lies Leave all the tension Leave all the troubles behind I just love makin' love makin' love Making love with you, yeah Love makin' love makin' love With you Love makin' love, love makin' love with you Yes I do It's love makin' love makin' love That's all I wanna do, yeah With you Don't get into no bad ways 'Cos life goes on No wedding plans you can't take The fight goes on Oh secret love affair Waiting unawares (Ad-libbed lyrics) (Ad-libbed lyrics) I just love makin' love makin' love Makin' love with you, girl I'm tellin' ya Love makin' love makin' love Love to you Yes I do, I do, I do When the feeling's just right I can reach you from the stars above, yeah You know I love makin' love makin' love That's all I want to do, yeah, wooh ooh And they say love is blind It's so hard to find When you find it you end up just fighting There's a weight on your shoulder Rain in your hair It's someone else who's stealing love Give me love, don't leave me life, it's a whole Yes it's time, there's no life, there's no lying
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