Текст песни Letlive - That Fear Fever

The Blackest Beafutiful
Жанр: Post-Hardcore
Исполнитель: Letlive
Альбом: The Blackest Beafutiful
Длительность: 03:29
Рейтинг: 678
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: punk cinderella


Spitting image of all that is blank imagery We scream the loudest while saying nothing The spitting image of anonymity Who screams the loudest while saying nothing? You. When you terrorize and profit they will consider it a revolution That is a very thin line; I'll walk it A system anarchy might understand There's a comfort in being scared when you're the only one who dares to make the gun smoke black in a white washed town so they know Because there's a comfort in being scared when you're the only one who dared So when the gun smokes black in a white washed town then you know it was me To be American is to profit and by any means Yeah money talks, but I think it's bluffing The virtue of a man is so much greater when when he ain't got shit, ain't got a thing to lose So start the fire with me, but don't burn down our precious home So with the tools you get to start that fire, don't burn down your home
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