Текст песни Jedi Mind Tricks - Death Messiah

A History Of Violence
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Jedi Mind Tricks
Альбом: A History Of Violence
Длительность: 04:15
Рейтинг: 419
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Загрузил: tichka13


Did protons and electrons create the earth? Or did Allah meditate and create it's birth? Is everyday in this place a curse ? Or should I pray on my knees and ebrace it's dirt? (yeah) I dont know if theres a reason im here, I feel the only thing thats driving me is reason and fear. (yeah) And seeing death to me conceiveably near, So I dont give a fuck what you think bout me reachin from fear. (Damn) I dont worry anymore about what my friends do, I have a more urgent matter to attend to. Is there something there bigger when I die and vanish? That weaves everyone and everything into a canvas? Im not smart enough to think I have a resolution, Ill never be a man with meteokre constitution. My father told me that blood and power intoxicate, And that tearity is a product of his fathers hate. Im recognized of giving the sins of the father, And recognized whats built and what stems from the author. Understand man is not a machine, He needs a surface and a purpose and a reason for being. Either way im going to stick with my fam', Regardless of my sick dream of a ridiculous man. And im becoming more indifferent every day, As soon as I lean all the questions have faded away. Some of the things I said I hated to say, But blame yourself mother fucker you made it this way. I dont think I would even if I was able to stay, I dont think you could I would sit to the angles and pray. But everybody's got to deal with theyself, If they cut another throat for them, material welts. If it's a problem are you man enough to deal with the help? Or are you destin for the darkness of concealing yourself? (yeah) Im trying to deal with the thirty years I spent in prison, Not the physical because of accidentalism. Ive backed myself into a previous lead deposition, When all I ever had to do is just repent and listen. Why cant everybody leave me alone, Im the only one who'd really need to see that Ive grown. You aint smart enough to see what I know, Id like to stab myself and let me fuckin bleed til' I go. But im too scared what would happen on the other side, Trying to fight the good fight how many of us died? I dont know if I trust the people that hang with me. Is it god, or is it the big bang theory? I know some really good people and they slang near me, But I dont think that comically they should hang really. At thirty years old I dont have base yet, And I aint got out of the belly of the beast yet.
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