Текст песни Ecnephias - Voodoo (Daughter Of Idols)

Жанр: Dark Metal
Исполнитель: Ecnephias
Альбом: Necrogod
Длительность: 07:13
Рейтинг: 593
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Загрузил: punk cinderella


[SAKIS:], [MANCAN:] Voodoo Houngan, Voodoo Mambo Voodoo Mystère, Voodoo Vévé [SAKIS:] Now you're afraid of the darkest curse, you are no longer safe I'll come for sure The hour is now late to change the plan, and my evil doll will strike again [MANCAN:] Enter the cave and kiss the goat, write with your blood your name on the stone Beyond the matter is your dream, witchcraft will change your reality You'll come back, you are mine slave of the black demon, ruled by the saint ku-bha-sah mìrame yo soy Bokor! And you'll enjoy, daughter of idols , daughter of the blood you will lick Comme un serpent sur mon corps You have now decided that in your dark fate There is no peace, join me as you are Never hate me too, I’ve you in my eyes I give no life, I will never love [SAKIS:] Now you are trapped into this doom, forever sad and without hopes The light has gone out to draw a trail, but you know the way under your steps [MANCAN:] Your soul now bleeds, you feel so strange, you fear that this game will never end You run through the swamps of misery, because now you kneel in front of my name Memories from the past come back here dancing around fires I can see all my thoughts, I whisper to my spirit at the sunrise
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