Текст песни Necrambulant - Epoch Of Nihilistic Cosmic Failure

Infernal Infectious Necroambulatory Pandemic
Жанр: Slamming Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Necrambulant
Альбом: Infernal Infectious Necroambulatory Pandemic
Длительность: 06:07
Рейтинг: 684
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Static-X-Forever


In concordant space a decrepit star prepares For a prodigious dysmorphic expansion A disintegrative immolating force immanent An all consuming inevitable catastrophic phenomenon A planet full of life in extreme peril, but few know The omniscient spoke of this doom but not for millennia to come This technological society complacently blinded by faith An epoch of nihilistic failure will soon encompass the world Redness enshrouds the terrestrial planets The expansion of the star exponentially devolves Venus and Mercury consumed in an infernal holocaust Matter eradicated from the fabric of existence Bullition of Earths seas and lakes The crust liquefied into molten rock Atmosphere set ablaze, cosmic radiation bathes the last remnants A nihilistic martyrdom of all organic matter The last of this advanced civilization remains on Mars Its polar caps melt, water respawns a dead planet Those seeking this refuge will come in vein For this expanded star will die and eradicate a planetary system Life returns to a once dead planet, terraformed a planetary paradise Now a fatalistic non-complacent species, excepting their inevitable doom Abjectly life continues to evolve into new species A worthless paradise, a nihilistic negation again immanent The star sheds its skin, a planetary nebula formed Slowly gravity pushes this once massive star inward A decrepit White Dwarf, the end of life A new paradise expunged, the end of civilization Now after many millennia a Black Dwarf now resides A cold carbon lifeless mass, epoch of nihility Now in concordant space, organic matter is extinguished Forever a frozen chaotic cosmic wasteland
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