Текст песни Shaded Enmity - This Is Federal

Forsaken And Forgotten
Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Shaded Enmity
Альбом: Forsaken And Forgotten
Длительность: 07:45
Рейтинг: 309
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Загрузил: Kirill515


The night is young, the lights are blazing If one goes we will be facing five plus more Ten pounds and I, I'm on the move A fear, a shock, paranoia For the bread divine And a drink of gold For the cup divine And a drink of gold Are they watching? Are they listening? What might you find interesting? Federal inspecting, you'll find nothing, come and see The road seems empty, the light is blinding lit up and now comes truth The thirst for bone has now been changed As you are led away you'll face this Medication for the masses Pharmacy of Green Escape from manufactured death My body soars, my mind is free Gorgeous thoughts, but they are fading They just want to take it away They just want to put me away It will be dark There will be rape There will be walls of hate There will be skin to scrape This cannot be the way Ten steps back and i'm falling again My eyes are red and bloodshot again 15 pounds and I'm starting to sweat Who are these faces in disguise? In my dream i run away In my dream it goes away In my dream it stays the same and then.... I run away. Run away. Run away. Run away.
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