Текст песни Like Thieves - Echoes Of Time

The Wolves At Winter's Edge
Жанр: Alternative Metal / Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Like Thieves
Альбом: The Wolves At Winter's Edge
Длительность: 04:24
Рейтинг: 1051
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Загрузил: rog-as


I saw you sleeping I looked away as the tears rolled down from my eyes I heard you breathing The air escaped my lungs and into the sky And now I'm leaving So sorry I'm leaving you behind Now when your dreaming You can hear my voice through the echoes of time While you we're sleeping I heard you breathing Reaching out with a hand that won't materialise And now I'm leaving And now I'm leaving I'll be here i'll be waiting in the echoes of time I saw you And the world beneath me I wanted you to know How much you complete me I tried so hard So hard to hold on I'm here at the edge At the edge of almost Gone I am waiting for you How long till we meet again? I'm waiting I'm leaving I'm leaving I only wish that you could catch me and hold me now I'm needing I'm needing you There's no way that I've found No anchor here Return me to the ground I want you I want you to know If I could then I would I'd let you know And never be misunderstood I'm bleeding I'm bleeding for you If you need me if you need me I've left the answers and all that I have found In every word I'm every word in the sound I am every word in the sound
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