Текст песни Running Wild - Genesis

Black Hand Inn
Жанр: Heavy Metal
Исполнитель: Running Wild
Альбом: Black Hand Inn
Длительность: 13:36
Рейтинг: 1967
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Galvarra


Genesis (The Making And The Fall Of Man) The question that on man's mind science the beginning of time is "Where do we come from, where do we go?" Well, let me tell you a story which took place a long, long time ago. 450 000 years before our time, when the atmosphere on "Nibiru" the 12th planet was getting worse and worse and when "Alalu" the sovereign of the "Annunaki-race" was dethroned and dislodged by his opponent "Anu". "Alalu" had to flee in his "Vimana" to save his life and he came down to Earth and found something the "Annunaki" could use to filter the solar radiation to save their atmosphere from destruction: "GOLD"!! And "Alalu" revealed his discovery to "Anu" and as reward for it he could return to his own planet. AND THEN IT ALL BEGAN!! A reef of gold was the right offering For soothing with a gift of right size He handed it over to Anu the King Alalu's return had its price Enki the scientist the son of Anu Came down and dug for gold Building a haven called Eridu He mastered his task truely bold No more gold, the volume decreased The hair to the throne came down Enlil brought Edin to seize Ripping the gold of the ground Annunaki men dug really hard They worked their hands to the bone A serious revolt for setting a mark Cause the rage and discontent had grown (Chorus) Hellbound, poisoned souls, in pain they'll burn, no return Mankind will never learn, their blinded pride, the evil side The firestorm will rage on the day of the falling Armaggeddon's near it's the end of the genesis Dying by the flood, no way back, no recalling The malice and the pride is the death and the fall of man A daring test in the hour of need An artificial bio-robot Annunaki-essence for an exogamy A fertilized ovum they had An Annunaki woman was the one who gave birth Adapa received his science But Adapa was banned, he wasn't it worth Cause of malice and evil defiance (Chorus) The gods created animals and plants Adapa's daughters they took their chance They got married to Annunaki men Enlil got furious from this wicked sin He knew a huge tidal way would come His command, no warning to none He wanted to wipe out man from this place He wanted to stop this conceited and evil race As the conspirator Enki took part Noah was charged to build up the arche The water came deluding the spot So, death flowed with the swallowing waves of the flood!! Sodom and Gomorrah they fell from grace But the gods, they had to see for themselves Mankind was spreading demanding more space Climbing the throne and its wealth The gods had to prove, who was right, who was not Who followed the laws that they gave Only one called "Lot" at the unholy spot They saved him and his children from grave Firewind blew, that unleashed the storm Atomic explosions that raged No more warning, no arousing alarm Their power set an end to this age A few good souls were sent by the gods They tried to save mankind from fall But the "Men In Black" were hatching a plot Defence and malice's their call Grinding the earth, turning good into bad They raged like a maniac beast Exploiting the being, the evil did spread Souls made for hellfire's feast (Chorus) In the 7th month of the year 1999 an ancient god of wrath will return bringing fire, water, death and destruction. That is the day when man will be judged for all evil he has done and he will be commanded into the eternal fire. Only the good and righteous souls will be saved to live in eternal peace. THIS IS THE WAR OF ARMAGGEDDON! So it has bit written, so it shall be done?????
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