Текст песни Extermination Dismemberment - Human Holocaust

Serial Urbicide
Жанр: Slamming Brutal Death
Исполнитель: Extermination Dismemberment
Альбом: Serial Urbicide
Длительность: 06:20
Рейтинг: 610
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Загрузил: yasha999


We'll ruin their bloody cenotaphs Annihilate that dirty tumor The smell is attracting vultures So let them tire Turn our arms into the Deadliest gear of human tearing Serenity impaler Sets passage to fear It's here, it's a venom It's virulent and fierce See to believe In eternally blustering cataclysm It's here to rip, it's here to kill Relentless, merciless chaos See to believe In the torment of thousands of innocent In the human cries chanting their demice And it's never turning back it's fury It's a severity brought to the limit It's turning into the hominid curse It's turning ultimate, supremacy It's turning into satrapic manslaughter Acid, pouring acid Shall replace the water Deadly gases shall replace the air Rancid bodies shall replace the ground Under your feet Bow to the rupture Return to the primitive Put to the slaughter Any who dares to breathe Bow to the rupture Return to the primitive Put to the slaughter Any who dares to rebel Put it to the carnage! Insanity for eternity For infernal remedy Death! Let them feel the wrath Let them feel the pain Let them see us entertained By perfection of the game For term of life forced to bleed Throughout the life degrading Feverishly chasing nothing To end the path eviscerated Run for your life Don't look back. Ever. For this is no war! Nowhere to hide All shall suffer This is a slaughter! ERADICATION! No more society! ANNIHILATION! We have one direction! OBLITERATION! No more authority! For now your filthy world will burn!
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