Текст песни Mobb Deep - One of Ours Part 2 (feat. Jadakiss)

Amerikaz Nightmare
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: Amerikaz Nightmare
Длительность: 04:22
Рейтинг: 1214
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: NeoNY


You know, situation like this Sometimes you know you gotta give back to the community Gotta show these motherfuckers how to wipe them thangs off y'know? Teach 'em a little somethin [Havoc] Pick you up, off your feet like a forklift, but instead it's the four-fifth Ragu red, your brain leakin them sauces Like an, autopsy leavin 'em nauseous, when I aim at your bosses Put a pep in that bop that you walk with When my tec spittin at reinforcements I could never be a victim, but the streets I endorsed it Spittin that real, y'all cowards just cough it Like fluids in my lungs, motherfucker I'm more sick You turn them hoes off, I put 'em on so they on this You talk game grammar school, mines metamorphic Dem fools ain't killin nuttin in the club, they all bent My intent is to sober that ass up, leave 'em all drenched See what a few cups of liquor can offset Got a little paper, I ain't stressin, they all press Ain't sellin records, they come at me for more press When they realize it's real them dudes out coppin more vests Better learn how to [Chorus: repeat 2X] Wipe, them guns off, get that money money Wipe, a nigga smile, off ain't nuttin funny Show, you motherfuckers, just how hungry you get, when your feet are touchin (kid a nigga hungry / yeah, he one of ours) * [* changes each repeat] [Prodigy] P gunna, shots stay a come up out them hammers at light speed, make it a hot summer in New York, New York - a.k.a. Ground Zero The Big Apple, with the worms in the middle (eww) The White Castle, the Empire State The home of that Time Magazine new face Metropolis of the world, I'll show you where I come from by how the cash stack, and how I make a gun bust But look past that, and listen how a killer be Imagine the concert, they dancin on they seats Shorty mad gettin stained, she damn near about to faint She never saw a grimy dirty nigga like, P With mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink Don't wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing Mad diamonds in his chain, she tryin hard not to blink Don't wanna miss a thing, the song that we sing BANG! [Chorus] [Jadakiss] My niggaz they can't stop us Ev'rysince we got our hands on the AR's, the S, and the fresh choppers All of them is filled to the top with the vest poppers We can get it on with America's Best Coppers Soon as the lead pop you, whoever don't make it to the funeral or wake can catch you on Ted Koppel I'm a rare thumper, you just a gay nigga with a rainbow sticker on your rear bumper They say life is short, death is longer That makes it even harder to express my hunger And I don't wanna polly y'all, I'm a zone of my own Sorta like Tom Hanks talkin to that volleyball A "Cast Away," I'll blast away Fuck if you broke tomorrow, get cash today And even though it's hard, niggaz is on they job It's the Ryders and the Mobb, before my niggaz starve we'll [Chorus]
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